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Nikhil Paver Blocks, subsidiary company of Nikhil Group. One of the pioneer manufacturer of a wide range of Paver Blocks with a variety of Glossy & Matt finishes paver blocks, Industrial Pavers, Combination Pavers, Paver Tiles & Step Tiles. We offer variety of Sizes, Shapes, Thickness & colors as per changing requirements of industry & clients.

As we own RMC plant we have complete control over quality as we are using Good quality raw material to get strength M35 + up to M50. Our Paver Blocks are strong and suitable for taking loads & best to use in Godowns, Industrial premises, Factories, Warehouses, Footpaths and Gardens etc.

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Due to the product's quality & our reliability, the demand of our product range is increasing day by day. To cater this growing demand we have installed completely automated manufacturing plant, which is imported from America. To manufacture the paver blocks in huge quantity with consistent quality we use hydraulic compaction as well as vibration technology with dimensionally precise moulds.


Curing is equally important phase of Paver Blocks as it is directly affects on the durability of the Paver Blocks. We have developed curing chambers to cure the paver blocks for 24hrs. In these chambers we control the temperature and humidity to ensures maximum, uniform & rapid curing of paver block for superior Quality.

polythene film

We wrap the cured Paver Blocks with polythene film so that the moisture which is present in the block will remain inside. This process imitates the curing process & give additional strength to the product & keep the product clean. At the same time it will become easy to handle & count at the time of delivery.


Paver block shot blast technology is new & trending technique in paver block industry. Due to it's durability & rich looks this product is in huge demand from both Government & Private Clients of ours. The paver block is being shot by appropriate material due to which the surface fo the product gets rich & vivid texture. This process gives the block rough feeling & expose the marble chips on the top layer of the block.

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